Sunday, 8 July 2012

PostHeaderIcon Asagiri no miko - Hiroki Ugawa

It tells the story of Yuzu Hieda, a high school freshman and one of three sisters, all of whom are miko at the local Shinto shrine. When her childhood love returns, it is discovered that dark gods have a great interest in him and Yuzu is recruited to gather fellow female students into a "Miko Council" to fight off a full-scale mystic assault. The priestesses have talismans which focus their powers and are used when attacking the dark kami.

So this is a very old Anime. It's one of those that not a lot of people know about when I talk to them. I really enjoyed this Anime it's very cute and it has a wonderful storyline to it. It's a typical shoujo for me xD but I can tell that there is some fighting to it. Miko's are lovely I love them, I think their really powerful in their own way. So the story starts of with yuzu doing her daily routine, and she also has her first cousin which is her childhood friend Tadahiro who will be joining them.

Let me express that it's super cute watching Tadahiro and Yuzu love blossom. It's so sweet I got all "Doki Doki" whenever they were together s adorable. The villains in this are hilarious even though its a tough battle, they added the humour in which made me giggle. like the running gag of having Yuzu with a bicycle run someone over that was jokes! I found that too hilarious! If only it could be seen as real then it would be hilarious but you know we live in reality everything funny they do will end up killing us! HAH!

Its all magical powers etc, four new girls join the miko club, and end up having to battle strong opponents and end up having powers to defeat them too. Which is cute its a lovely show with a lot of friendship, trial and error. Lets not forget love! which is nice, the animation is soft and mellow it's a cute version, it reminds me of Azumanga Daioh! Although the bad point is Yuzu should really have a fringe! I mean she looks piratically bald at some points regardless it's still cute! 

The song's are awesome, it's Megumi hayashibara who did them, opening and ending. It's pure funky and everything and I am sure some might like them. Legend singer with a lot of funky tones in the song. So make sure to give this a go it's honestly not bad, very cute! In fact it's a show to be watched when you are bored! :D So get going and I shall leave you with some songs!

minor note, it is hard to find it in subs! so keep looking It took me forever because most videos got deleted. But the english dub is a no no honestly unless you like that kind of stuff be my guest! :D

Dopey ~

It's such a cute song!! I love singing this! :D <3

I can listen to her all day she's so wonderful! her voice is EPIC! <3


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